read them all in Swedish: #juliagillarmat

Honestly, what type of person would say no to FREE avocado? Bruh, really nice that you ask but just shovel it on top.

La Olita has served their take on Mexican food on wheels for about five years. They got three alternatives for lunch + nachos with guac to choose between. I and my sidekick @ericlimbo picked fish taco. It was an obvious choice based on memories from a random Mexican restaurant in California, the image of a nicely fried cod, cilantro, finely chopped tomatoes, corn, guacamole and lots of lime. But I don’t know what the hell went wrong in the kitchen when I found sprinkled sesame seeds, rustic/rough cut red onion (not Mediterranean sweet ones, but Scandinavian itchy red onions), ICEBERG LETTUCE 😭 and carrots everywhere?! The fish’s batter was alright but the fish itself must have been bought from the second sorting. And the only good thing with an open taco is that you see the content of the tortilla and how it all falls down as Alicia Keys would sing. This was a rather surprising meal. Though the guy taking order gave us free avocado, therefore, from scale 1 to Mexico’s area code +56, La Olita gets:

16 points. #juliagillarmat

Did you know it took 20 Marvel movies until Avengers End Game came? I let my ramen get lukewarm to get to know that, thank you @ericlimbo for 40 minutes of enthusiasm.

I haven’t visited nor Adam & Albin the original or their ramen corner inside Teatern, therefore I was extra excited about Misshumasshu. First, it’s tongue rolling fun to just say Misshumasshu. Second, the space inside Birger Jarlspassagem is like a secret, well-decorated bistro in Paris. Third, it’s a really nice lunch deluxe. For 165 kr (take away 145 kr) I slurped the yummy tonkutso: yellow noodles with perfect texture, the pork melted like butter in my mouth and fluid, not too heavy, broth.

From scale 1-6 Infinity Stones, Misshumasshu gets… 4! #juliagillarmat