In September 2014, I was on a short vacation in New York. I don't remember which one, but during one of these days I walked around somewhere on the Lower East Side, and got stuck outside a gallery when I saw this painting. The painting was made by the artist Jason Craighead. When I was on another vacation in Santa Barbara six months later, I felt that I had to thank him for the experience. And I got an answer. And that meant so much. Because then I knew, even though we would never meet, I felt that we had existed, lived, in the same world.

Dear Mr Craighead,

In September 2014 I visited New York City. I was a tourist, trying to be a citizen, for almost a week. Several times I’ve been in California, where I’m writing from at the moment. I don’t have family here, some friends in cities all over this western state, but what I got is some kind of love for the area. Anyway, during my… vacation, in NY, I spent a lot of time alone. Escaped from my friend I was about to visit, not only my life back home in Sweden. I couldn’t stand anyone, not a single person. So I walked. And walked. And walked. The whole week. Up and down, with feelings of me seeing the same types of areas and buildings. And I think it was the third or fourth day, I past Cheryl Hazan’s gallery. Normally those days, I pasted everything but coffee shops. But that moment, I turned my head right and saw your painting.

”Word Magic”

And I stood outside for maybe three minutes. I couldn’t get enough, so I walked in. I didn’t care about other objects, but this painting. Word Magic? I couldn’t find a magic word to describe it. The gallerist came towards me, said welcome. We started talking about the, your, object. I told him it can’t be done. This is what my paintings look like when I start. Things were too messy, and simple as well. On the same canvas. It is like a written note, I paint without rather thought, to remember the feeling I want to express on the canvas. And then I found the written note. Between thought and existence. The realisation on realisation. I barely can’t stand how many thoughts you could have by one painting. I’m a Jackson Pollock fan since colors in my vision make me feel. His paintings are a great mess of colors. But when I compare your artwork, with his paintings, it’s more like he wants to tell us one word, or one feeling, or one thought. By Word Magic, I can’t see an ending. Mostly, since I believe it isn’t finished. And shouldn’t be. Even if the gallerist told me, that this is what you saw in your mind. It’s up to the viewer to end it. Like a poem. 

What I want to tell you, is that I was touched, and still am. I found the painting and use it as a wallpaper on my macbook. What I want to ask you, is if I could use the same image as a wallpaper on my blog. My blog is nothing special, got barely 60 readers per post, but it’s my place in cyberspace. 

Thank you for your time. I hope you continue with what you are doing, and chose to be happy.

Best regards,


Hi Julia

I find it the most beautiful experience in this life when my work resonates deeply within other humans, it gives me a great sense that we are all the same thing trapped in this narrow minded world of general thoughtlessness.....please use the image, just let people know about me...let them know there is a man who is truly alive, very awake and making work from his heart....

Thank you, Julia, for your spirit and kind in touch sometime 

Cheers and good life